How much does it cost?


Price is dependant upon the number of website instances and is billed on an annual basis. A single school would be one instances (installation) of the CMS and Education Package. For example, a District  with ten schools may choose to have their schools included within one instance, however, the option for the district to grant each school with their own autonomous website is preferred. This solution stands to free the district of the burden of continually updating each schools website by allowing them freedom to control their own content. We do understand that smaller districts or schools may not have the financial resources or manpower for such a comprehensive package so custom quotes depending on your needs are available on an individualized basis.

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Community Schoool Builder

Community School Builder provides an array of extremely easy to use and intuitive web-based applications. Our package has been designed by educators for educators to provide the tools needed by today's educational institutions. We provide a complete turn-key package for one low price and do not charge for individual applications. What you see is what you get. We encourage you to visit our education package for more details about the communication and collaboration tools included.

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