ImageThe Community School Builder Web Site Solution was designed to help schools and districts develop Joomla! CMS websites to improve communication, collaboration, accountability and performance. We believe that we have a complete package that will suit most schools or districts needs.

Our approach is to build communities with parents, students, teachers, and administrators by providing an extremely effective communication platform that provides many easy avenues to correspond to all stakeholders.

Every Community School Builder web site solution includes the following features:


About Us


Our Mission

Our mission is to successfully lead your organization or business into the new century. Whether we're creating a multi-layered web presence, enabling online web 2.0 tools, or helping an organization leverage online growth, Community School Builder is the online partner for companies that want to succeed online.

Always Looking Forward

Community School Builder is a team of experienced professionals who understand how the impact of the Internet has revolutionized the way that organizations get things done. Though we come from diverse backgrounds, we all share the common vision of believing that the 'Net' has many more changes in store for us, and we want to help shape those changes.


We are as good as it gets when it comes to teamwork. Communication, reliance, and knowledge-sharing are at the heart of how we work together every day. The result: a fast-reacting team that can create and implement customized solutions for the needs of your organization.

Free Support

Although our software is extremely easy to use, we are here to help if you get "stuck". We also have online trainings and tutorials!

Professional Features

Our CMS and Education packages provides a comprehensive collection of web based tools to help foster communication.

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